Now more than ever, energy efficiency is the name of the game. For decades, EMCOR Energy Services (EES) has been implementing smart energy solutions through our in-house technical staff, the EMCOR network of companies, and key energy-industry partnerships. In the last six years alone, we’ve analyzed, designed, or reviewed energy projects in more than 25,000 facilities, ultimately saving our customers over $500 million in annual energy costs.

Energy Expertise

The demand for more energy-efficient operations is growing, and the EES response is growing with it. We know that businesses require customized energy solutions that meet the specific needs, drivers, and goals of various stakeholders. Our capabilities run deep.

EES is equipped to handle everything from retro/re-commissioning to LEED-certification support to photovoltaics, fuel cells, wind solutions, and more. EES prepares a summary of suggested implementation strategies designed to reduce annual utility consumption and operating expenses. We also work to prioritize each of the suggested implementation strategies in order to optimize the performance and financial results of the facility operations.

Our energy services capabilities include:

  • Assisting our customers in energy saving initiatives
  • Operation of energy systems and energy producing equipment for clients
  • Maintenance and construction of clients' energy systems and equipment
  • Design of energy systems and equipment
  • Energy Audits
  • Water System Conservation and Retrofit
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • Mechanical System Retrofits
  • Electrical Upgrades & Electrical Maintenance Service
  • Occupied Space Retrofits
  • Solar Programs
  • Predictive & Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Building Envelope Services
  • Building Automation System Implementation
  • Design Enhancements
  • Load Monitoring
  • Critical Equipment Monitoring
  • Renewable Energy System Installations
  • Emergency Backup Generators

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive suite of energy services, which can be combined with our other nationwide facility services.

We upgrade energy systems through personalized electrical maintenance service.
As part of a long-term energy savings upgrade program at multiple locations for the County of Ventura, CA, Mesa Energy Systems prepares to rig in a new chiller for a crime lab.