Snow & Ice Management

EMCOR Facilities Services (EFS) helps take your approach to snow and ice management from reactive to strategic. We help you predict and control your costs by planning for and managing all types of winter weather events.

Whether we’re self-performing work or managing our network of subcontractors, EFS ensures your sites are tended to promptly and reliably. Winter weather is unpredictable. Your approach to handling snow and ice management doesn’t need to be.

Benefits include:

  • Cost savings—thanks to national buying power
  • Customized programs
  • Weather tracking
  • Compliance with all local regulations
  • No disruption of site operations
  • Consolidated services under a single program
  • More visibility, control, and budget predictability
  • Reduce your risk exposure and liability
  • Reconcile just one invoice

EFS does much more than manage subcontractors who plow snow. We also study the mechanics of snow.

Our certified snow professionals consider factors such as: how snow melts, the consequences of freezing, and the effects that moving (and removing) snow and ice has on waterways, roadways, parking lots, and other important infrastructure components.

Our knowledge and dedication to snow and ice management goes far beyond the status quo. Contact us to learn more about this branch of our nationwide facilities services.

We deliver complete nationwide facility services that cover the inside and outside of your facility.
For this banking client, an EFS employee removes snow from the roof.

We specialize in multi site electrical services and other multi site services.
An EFS employee reloads his truck with a full supply of salt before heading out to clients' faiclities during a snowstorm.