The EMCOR Industrial Services (EIS) team can fabricate forms, pour tiles, and perform dry outs in house. Also, by performing much of the work associated with furnaces and heaters prior to starting turnarounds, EIS helps customers save both time and money.

EIS can provide layout drawings and engineered ceramic fiber systems for refinery furnace facilities, including:

  • Modules
  • Veneers
  • Layer and board lining

EIS’s qualified and experienced personnel can also perform IFB and mono block wall repair. We work with ceramic tiles, install ceramic fiber blankets, repair bridge walls, install intricate brick liners, and perform wet gunning between tubes.

EIS can provide the acid proofing, in addition to polymer coatings, floor toppings, fiberglass-reinforced linings, or simple joint and crack sealing.

EIS also has a team ready to handle power boiler tasks ranging from retrofitting to burner replacements to ash hopper modifications. EIS experts can even perform complete retrofits, thereby saving time and money by eliminating the need to start fresh.

Services Include:

  • Complete retrofits including refractory burners and target walls
  • Refinery maintenance, including refinery tower maintenance
  • Burner replacements (NOX retrofits)
  • Floor tile and plastic installation
  • Ash hopper modifications
  • Automatic stud gun welding systems
  • Gas boiler maintenance
  • Boiler refractory repair

For assistance with all your refractory service needs, call us today.